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Today many demands are made on our charity. Indeed, sometimes we can feel weary with all the requests that are made. And the very act of giving is made easy with business reply envelopes and mobile phone donations. Yet, Pope Francis said, “I distrust a charity that costs nothing and doesn’t hurt.” The Holy Spirit leads us to give generously and from the heart so that our giving heals our indifference to the plight and suffering of others. Almsgiving is an instrument of conversion turning us away from cold selfishness to warm solidarity with our neighbour.

Let us pray: Lord, teach me the par... read more

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I wanted to appeal with you, to ask how you can help us in in our situation. Our catholic Church mission and Orphans Foundation in Ghana must return to Liberia the home land of our kids and members, as the Ghana gov... read more

€1441 raised of €2500


The Shining Hope community based organization reached the Sanctis platform to raise funds to purchase sanitary towels to be given to school girls in rural Laikipia, Kenya 70% of girls in rural areas in Laikipia, Kenya miss school during the... read more

€0 raised of €6000


Good morning all, In a few days I will no longer have a home, I lost my job a few months ago and can pay rent, I don't even have enough left to buy food, all I ask is for a little help to those who can. Otherwise it'll be the end for me!!... read more

€14 raised of €15

How does SanctisFundMe work?

Pray for the intercession of a Saint

On this site you can find
many resources such as
articles, prayers and the
teaching of many Saints as
well as chosing to light a
any occasion. The funds thus
raised are entirely assigned to
existing campaigns on the site.

Donate now for a campaign

Discover all our fund
raising campaigns and chose the
cause you wish to support with a
which won't be subject to any
commission neither for the service
nor for the transaction itself for
selected means of payments
such as SEPA bank transfers.

Create a campaign

Register on the site to
create a CAMPAIGN,
it is totally fee, fast and
requires just a few clicks.
You can raise funds for a
situation of financial difficulty
or projects promoted by any
type of entity but for only for
socially oriented causes.

Become a volunteer within the Christian Community

This verbe is derived from
origin of the meaning of Dulia,
the veneration accorded to Saints,
from the Greek douléia, service.
It is an honour and a responsibility,
reserved to those embracing
our mission at SanctisFundMe:
to do good, do it well, do it together.
CONTACT US to find out more.

Light a Virtual Candle

Light a Candle for the Saint of the Day
"The merciful love of God and and His saints is ever listening to our prayers" Paul VI.

Through Sanctis you can light a virtual candle and pray for a loved one, a friend, a relative, asking for the intercession of the Saint your name was inspired by or a Saint you feel close to you for whatever reason. You will be able to share this small gesture with the person for whom you prayed letting them know how much you care for them, thus renewing the sense of hope and faith we all need, especially during difficult times.

The small sum that you will decide to donate and associate to your prayer in lighting your virtual candel will entirely be distributed amogst the fund raising campaigns, the website will not apply any commission.

Why choose SanctisFundMe

Recognised by the Church

for its philantropic and
charitable mission by
the Catholic Church and
Christian Community.

Zero commissions

zero costs to users,
zero banking commissions
for selected methods of
payment and withdrawal.

Sito sicuro

fully traceable
donation process
for donors
and beneficiaries.

Trusted site

transparent, simple,
no hidden costs,
serving the community.

Together we can make the difference
we can make the difference

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