Active fund raisign campaigns

Mission of the Sisters of the Immaculata

It’s time again for a Sisters of the Immaculata fundraiser!

Thank you so much for your past support – we raised over $50,000 (AUD) and were able to convert a shed into an extension which provided rooms for our Long-Term Mission School.

The Sisters live on Divine Providence and you blessed us so much two years ago as we were able to have enough accommodation for the Long-Term Mission School, including separate accommodation for the men and women. We are blessed to have had a big increase in our full-time mission team - and a house is available for sale two doors down! In addition to this, the Sisters are still in need of proper accommodation.

Pilgrimage center of Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha

Contribute to the construction of the pilgrimage center of Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha in Transcarpathia

The project is for the construction of the pilgrimage center of Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha with the church, outdoor altar and bell tower is situated 1 km from the village of lvanivitsi on the fleld between neighbouring villages Zhukovo and Lokkovo which are 7 kilometers far from the main district town Mukachevo and 37 kilometers fiom the administrative center of Transcarpathia region-city Uzhhorod. In the main photo, Milan Šašik, Bishop of Mukachevo, and Mons. Jean Marie Jervais, at the Vatican.


Help orphans at the St Jerome Catholic Orfphanages Foundation

Saint Jerome Catholic Outreach Orphanages Foundation and Street Children Ministry Fundraising For The Unforgotten Orphans and Self-Carers kids Voice Of West Africa is Calling!

I wanted to appeal with you, to ask how you can help us in in our situation. Our catholic Church mission and Orphanages Foundation in Ghana fled to Ghana many years ago from the civil war in Liberia. We have set up our orphanage within a refuge camp but we wait for the times to be ready to return to Liberia, the home land of our kids and members. Especially as the Ghana government breaking down the refugees camp, where we built our Center. Over the years we have been crying but no Savior yet!

Our daily life is a continuous struggle to feed, protect and educate the disadvantaged children under our care and many street children than turn to us for help.