Active fund raisign campaigns

Save My Business from collapse

2 450,00 €

Hello Brothers and sisters in the lord. I come to you all for your kind support in any possible way. My business is seriously suffering to survive due to the impact of the covid-19 lockdown. As of this moment, I am battling to pay off debt incurred as a result of not been able to sell my eggs which are perishable. Please help me out, I am ready to provide any information required from anybody.

Help Flood Victim Families of India

1 000,00 €

warms Greetings to every onev in Lord Jesus Name .praise,God for your great charity ministries .thanks God for your good job for kingdom of God as Apostle paul says in 1 Cor 25:58 our work will bring reward for us .please expand your mercy toward these people who are in great need .Due to Covid19 our community people lost job .and August month 2020 suddenly great flood swiped away whatever our people had they lost every things in the flood .Now they need food clothes warms clothes blanket .Tarpoulen your one time donation they need . I did a small relief for them .but it is not enough
I am raising fund for flood victim 70 families of Balaghat District madhya Pradesh India
Would please come forward and consider one time donation for these 70 families your donation can meet their need may God bless you .can you just give one time any donation
may God bless you .I will provide you receipt of disturbing information and video
Arvind Deep

food delivery vehicle

8 535,00 €

we have been working in Uganda for more than 5 years amongst villages and the poorest people. JustGo Foundation is our NGO which is registered here in Uganda. During the last 10 months we have seen the most devastation we could imagine, at this stage there is no money and know food in the villages and the people are on the verge of starvation. We have been distributing food o many places and using a hire car is expensive .. one missionary is travelling to USA in a month and has placed is Toyota Prado on the market it woud be good advantage for us to purchase this ... we would be most grateful if you could help in anyway. Love peter in Jinja Uganda

Feeding the hungriest Children in most needy families

1 500,00 €

I'm Moses aged 29. Born and grew up in Bukomansimbi district, Uganda, East Africa.
I started a fundraising campaign to feed 100 hungry poor children in their families in my local community for the remembrance of Sarah, a woman that fed me during hard times in 2010 when I was a schoolboy.

Help me to reach my goal of in 32 days by donating, Sharing this project, and connecting this project to generosity hearts. We are saving lives. I will deliver food in names of everyone that will contribute. The hungry need to know that there are caring people like you! The same way I recognise Sarah. I can't make this without your support.

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for donating. Thank you for sharing

Request for assistance for HIV/AIDS patients affected by COVID 19 in Uganda

85 500,00 €

To the well-wishers

Dear Members,

 RE: Request for assistance

Hope you're doing well.

I'm James Kiige from Uganda, graduate with a bachelor's degree in business studies with education from Kyambogo university and currently working as a banker for the last six years.

I’m born again and I fellowship from Mukono Victory Church, Mukono- Uganda, my pastor is called SSengendo Stephen.

The intention of writing to you is to request for your assistance to enable us support people living with HIV/AIDs of Kaliro district in Uganda basing on the information and personal experience below.

In March 2020, there was an outbreak of covid 19 epidemics in Uganda, we had no option other than the country lockdown by the government upon the guidance of the ministry of health. During the lockdown, the government came up with so many measures and restrictions which among others included:

Translation and publication of the book "The rhythm is liturgy"

4 000,00 €

1. Title

Rhythm is liturgy. A provocative title worthy of interest to the extent that the concept of rhythm has not always been grasped in its entirety. Often it is simply associated with the sounds of drums and the arithmetic subdivision associated with it. Yet, common language employs it wrapped in another sense, which - at this point - pushes towards a particular understanding of it: the pace of work, the pace of life, the pace of a game, etc. This is a meaning that, well beyond the arithmetic subdivision of the rhythm, concerns the intensity and fervor of an activity while, applied to a song and to music for example, the rhythm mainly induces the musical tempo of 2/4, 3 / 4 etc.

Truth Bible School Fund Raising Campaign

1 000,00 €

I am seeking donations to pay for the expenses of operating my online bible school where I am the mentor for various bible courses. I need the donations for the providing of internet and electricity, web hosting services by my utility providers. The amount I will need to be donated is $1000 and if donators choose they can take bible courses along with their donation at which needs to be typed in the web address of your browser as I operate the Bible school under

Keep this Church Alive in a Moslem Community

10 000,00 €

Grace Life Worship Centre is a local church affiliated to the Assemblies of God, Ghana. It is located in a predominantly Moslem community of Sagnarigu-Kukoo in Tamale, Northern Ghana. This 'young' church is making strides winning souls and revealing Jesus Christ to the Moslem community.

But there is a problem! They face a possible eviction from the community.

The Head Pastor, Rev. Jacob Alhassan, who himself is a former Moslem, and his small congregation of mostly unemployed youth and students have over the years struggled to raise funds to secure the parcel of land needed to obtain a permit and final authorization from the municipal assembly to establish the church in the community.

The church has been able to pay for only 1/4th of the required land size, and has since built a church structure where they currently worship believing God for additional funding to secure the rest of the land to avoid litigation.

We have no house to live

8 000,00 €

Dear Sir / Mum,

My name is Richards Mukasa, Ugandan aged 17, the firstborn out of four of my late father Mr. Joseph Mukasa, 

Am still attending school although, with a lot of financial difficulties. We lost our father 3 years back ever since the situation has changed, this left us with no financial support and we had to resort to crop cultivation like vegetables and cereals,  it is from these crops that we are able to have something to eat, unfortunately the increased rains during this season have damaged all our crops and part of our house has been damaged, we are now confined in just one room as the roof of the other room was taken by rain.

Am scared and worried about my young brothers since this situation happened, we only eat once in a day, this is the food we received from good Samaritans and we hope to receive more, our situation needs help.

Support for disadvantaged youth in Burundi

5 000,00 €

We want to train 46 young people in hairdressing. Our target is former street children, most are unemployed, they have no skills and their futures are bleak unless we can provide them with hope, training, and the capacity to negotiate in our increasingly complex world.

The 46 children are currently part of our counseling program, for which we provide counseling services for over 200 children covering a wide range of topics: job training, financial management, stress management, self-development/emotional development skills, decision-making skills, and conflict prevention. Through this counseling, we hope to promote a change of mentality among young people so that we can work together for lasting peace, security, and well-being of all and everyone in Burundi.

Start of Christian work for orphans and widows in Romania

20 000,00 €

The aim of this project should be that we, as an association Hope for People, would like to send missionaries to the poorest areas of Romania so that we can accompany orphans and widows through their everyday lives.

It is planned to set up a center there as soon as possible, where the orphans (street children) but also the widows can go and get help. To get started, we need around 20,000 euros to buy a building and furnish it.
True charity knows no discrepancy between talking and doing. One can talk a lot about charity, even preach it to others, but what matters is not how much we have talked about it, but whether we have practiced it. Matthew 25 34-40 is a passage that we must love as followers of Jesus that is what our Lord expects of us. For this reason we have decided to serve God and the people as Hope for People in Christian missionary work as well as in senior and youth work.

Community Outreach Program

1 000,00 €

My name is Paul, Im currently having my mission in place of isolated island in the Philippines im focusing reaching the remote people and spend days for the ministry to the children through teaching the Gospel and feeding program. Im praying for people who can be my partner in prayer and finances to achieve this endevour.
what we need:
1. foods.
2. school supplies (notebooks, pen, bags)
3.we need a new laptop for the ministry.

To donate directly to my accunt to know more about my ministry you can contact me
God bless your heart.

Filipino Mutual Aid - Supporting Impoverished Filipinos During the 15-Day Manila Lock down

10 000,00 €

Currently, there is a 15 day lock down in Manila and its neighboring towns. All public transportation has been shut down. Only essential workers with shuttles are able to work and those who can do remote work from home will continue to get paid. Unfortunately, this is not the case for majority of the Filipinos. For those who rely on their daily wages, this means, no work, no food. The Philippine government stated that they can no longer support and provide aide at this time. Basically, it is each to his own.
It's our chance to help. Here's how:

Mission of the Sisters of the Immaculata

10 000,00 €

It’s time again for a Sisters of the Immaculata fundraiser!

Thank you so much for your past support – we raised over $50,000 (AUD) and were able to convert a shed into an extension which provided rooms for our Long-Term Mission School.

The Sisters live on Divine Providence and you blessed us so much two years ago as we were able to have enough accommodation for the Long-Term Mission School, including separate accommodation for the men and women. We are blessed to have had a big increase in our full-time mission team - and a house is available for sale two doors down! In addition to this, the Sisters are still in need of proper accommodation.

Help orphans at the St Jerome Catholic Orfphanages Foundation

10 000,00 €

Saint Jerome Catholic Outreach Orphanages Foundation and Street Children Ministry Fundraising For The Unforgotten Orphans and Self-Carers kids Voice Of West Africa is Calling!

I wanted to appeal with you, to ask how you can help us in in our situation. Our catholic Church mission and Orphanages Foundation in Ghana fled to Ghana many years ago from the civil war in Liberia. We have set up our orphanage within a refuge camp but we wait for the times to be ready to return to Liberia, the home land of our kids and members. Especially as the Ghana government breaking down the refugees camp, where we built our Center. Over the years we have been crying but no Savior yet!

Our daily life is a continuous struggle to feed, protect and educate the disadvantaged children under our care and many street children than turn to us for help.

Sanctis Community Fund

1 000,00 €

Funds donated to the "Sanctis Community Fund" are spent to cover Money Transfer Services fees for those projects, especially in developing countries, where the recepient has no access to banking and alternative methods must be used. SanctisFundMe as far as the funds permit, tries to cover these additional fees so that the recepient may receive the full donation amount.