Angel on 2 wheels.

by Mark Waipa - kampala, Uganda

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Campaign Story

A Motorcycle for public transportation locally known as Bodaboda can be a permanent source of welfare and School dues for unfortunate children in Uganda! Here is how!


The cost of a good motorcycle that is well suited for Ugandan roads and easy to maintain is between 1,221 $ and 1,275 $. 


A rider of the motorcycle returns between 3.25$ and  4.07$ per day. Within a period of 4 months (The average period a school term takes in Uganda), it sums up to 488.4$. 


488.4$ is enough to pay school fees for two schools going children in good schools, provide them with all they need to go through the term, and also maintain the motorcycle. Depending on the level, it can be up to 4 pupils.


With Motorcycles (Boda Bodas) we curb more than one problem. We provide for the unfortunate and also provide employment opportunities to the youths of Uganda. Shooting two birds with one stone Hahaha


In addition to the above, a steady flow of help is maintained.


Most families in Uganda can’t afford school fees. This causes a lot of dropouts and increased child labor. This initiative if successful will help a good number of affected children and even university young adults to complete their studies successfully.


With the effect of the pandemic. Many families have been affected financially heavily. Many school-going children shall not go back to school this year. With your help, we shall be able to send them back and put a smile on their faces.


We currently only have space to safely park about 11 motorcycles. The space has been provided to us by the chairman for free. We are looking to start at a maximum of 11 motorcycles for starters because of that.


Through talking to different headmasters from different schools we have identified over 13 burdened pupils and students and are determined to put a smile on their faces.


We are a team of 3 and we decided to call this initiative “Angel on 2 wheels”


Any assistance offered towards this initiative is highly appreciated and may you receive much more blessings.