Bring Jennifer and The Kids Home!

by Lori Chrisman - Wichita, United States (US)

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Please help Jennifer bring her two grandchildren safely back home to The United States!



Jennifer McCoy Sperle is currently fighting with the Department of Family Services in Puerto Rico over the custody of her two grandchildren Kazier (5) and Camiah (2).   She left Kansas on September 19th after recieving the info that the children had been taken from their mother and put into Puerto Rican custody.

Jennifer’s daughter and grandchildren left for Puerto Rico after she accepted a job at a local hostile.  After a few weeks, it became clear her daughter would not be able to care for the children in an enviroment where drugs were so easily accesible.  Upon not retrieving the children the day after going out, the caregiver for the kids became concerned and contacted the local authorities.  The authorities immediately took the children into custody.   As soon as Jennifer heard, she was on the next flight to Puerto Rico.

Since Jennifer has been in the country, she has been fighting an uphill battle with the PRDFA (Puerto Rico Dept of Family Affairs).  She has legal custody of the children here in the US granted while the children where younger.  The Dept will not consider this nor will they take into consideration the custody their father has.  There have been numerous courtdates and hearings only to reschedule.  They have been encouraged to sign the children over to the Puerto Rican Government.  They have only seen the children on 4 supervised visits and have had numerous visits rescheduled.


Jennifer is currently working with the FBI and several State and Federal agencies.  They are not getting anywhere at this point and because of this, the media will be our next choice.  We ask if  anyone knows someone or has any sort of connection that will be helpful to bringing these babies back to The US to please let us know.

The kids really are taking it hard and each visit is getting harder and harder on them.  They want to go home.  Kazier tells his grandmother he promises he’ll be good and is blaming himself, thinking he had something to do with this situation.  The children are US citizens and the fact that they are being held like this by a Government that is part of the United States is unfathomable.

We will post updates as we get them.  If you cannot help monetarily, please just keep them in your prayers daily.   Please contact us at