Christmas Education Gift

by NewBeginnings Charitable Trust - Vijayawada, India

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Campaign Story

Summary: Children from the slums and indigenous communities lose their tender childhood because of poverty. The poorest of the poor children not just lose their childhood, but their lives together. They are the victims of poverty and hunger and suffer malnutrition as tender kids.

NewBeginnings has saved 240 children from the poorest of the poor communities and supporting them in our education centers. Friends, they need your donation to continue their education. Your donation will save a child from becoming victim of child marriage or child labour.

The target communities have been victims of extreme poverty and hunger. The present pandemic has pushed their lives too hard and we are determined to protect the children giving them good education and supplementary nutrition.

Friends, show your love for children in this special season. One child at a time! Your donation will inspire others too to donate and support our children.