Food and Clothing Project for the Elderly Aged

by rakesh kotha - Ardhaveedu Village, Prakasam District, Andhrapradesh, India, India

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Campaign Story

Food and Clothing is being provided to the elderly aged in the age group of 55-85 who are abandoned by their chl children in Ardhaveedu Village of Prakasam District , Andhrapradesh, India. Currently we are in Puacity of Funds to carry forward the project.

We appeal to donors to contribute for this cause to reduce suffering


                            B U D G E T

                               Monthly Budget for Feeding
1Cost of Rice100 Kgs38.0003800.00
2Cost of Provision16 people250.0004000.00
3Cost of Milk for Tea Protein diet & Curd75 Lts45.0003375.00
4Cost of Cooking Gas – commercial2.5 CYL1900.0004750.00
5Medical Care16 people250.0004000.00
6Cooking Helpers Support2 Helpers2000.0004000.00
7Cost Of vegetables16 people300.0004800.00
8.Two Volunteers  to drop food2 people   4000.0008000.00
TOTAL    36725


1Cost of Shirt, Pant, Cotton Saree, Blouse & Inner Skirt, 4 pairs per year  4 X 16 = 6464 Nos50032000
2Cost of Bed Sheets                                                                                4 pairs per year  4 X 16 = 6464 Nos20012800
Total Annual Budget For A + B  =   36275   X 12Months + 44800 =  480100 .00