Help Simon, of humble origins but great ambitions, to study and graduate

50,00 € 1%
Goal: 5 000,00 €
Simon Ng'ang'a is a Kenyan and has reached the Sanctis platform to ask for help to realize his greatest ambition, graduate and find a job. He comes from a humble family with whom he lives in a slum born on temporary land. Parents continue to do enough with occasional jobs. Parents are not able to support him with a small university education or other expenses that should be addressed to the study. He should have started studying at Mount Kenya University in September 2018, but for now his dream has been postponed. Simon wants to stay in his country, he doesn't want to become another economic migrant, he wants to get out of the poverty trap with his power, let us help him start his studies. The independence and dignity that can be an example for others in his position. Any contribution, however small, could help him reach his goal. Together we can help him. Join us to support it.

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