Jibonar Alo ( Life of Light) Project - Change the life of Most Vulnerable Community Children

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Background / Problem/ Situations of the Community:
According to the Meeting with Gourai Village, Uthalia under Manikganja Distic Community Peoples are interested to enjoy Christ Lovr by the serving of Good News. Pastor and leaders are several times of area visit, Open Discussion Session (ODS) and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as a plenary session by 2018, it is found that the community peoples are very poor. There are 50 poor families (35 families Hindus & 15 family are Muslim) and 225 family members. Main profession of the community people is to fishing, day labor, some of them are house servants and the other hand the community’s youths who are in their adolescent are idle. According to area visit, Open Discussion Session (ODS) and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as a plenary session by we found 100% of under 6 years’ children cannot enroll in to school, 80% of women and 75% of men are illiterate,100% of community peoples use open latrine, 85% of women suffering different kinds of disease, 80%-men’s profession is fishing, 10% man % youth are day labor and 10% youth are jobless and other hand 100% of adolescent are passing their time idle.
Economical condition of the community is barely living by. Per day income is 1 or 3 US dollars. So, the community peoples are very poor to survive their life.
On other hand We found 2 kinds of religious peoples (Hindus & Muslim) are live in this area. The Muslim & Hindus community peoples didn’t yet hear the voice of Jesus due to lack of Evangelism services in this area and they can’t see the Christians serving their area due to absent of evangelist. The community peoples are interested to be bless by Jesus. This is a good opportunity to preach the good news & share the objectives of Jesus mission in the earth.
Overcome the Problem/ Situations:
1. VARD Delivered Good News message of Christmas through Pre - Primary (Feeder) Education pre – Christmas program to distressed target community family members and children. It is a good opportunity to preaching the Gospel to the untouched community.
2. Arrange skill Development training for community Women & Youth and formation Self Help Development Group. this program will help the poor community to establish self development family. All the savings, Skill development training , Income generation & financial services participants selected by this group.
3. Raised the level of Awareness on education & Gospel of Parents, student and community leaders: This output has series of activities that aims to increase the awareness level on education and Gospel for parents, teachers, students, street family members and community leaders who plays a vital role in the community to uplift the Goal of the education by seminar, meeting, workshop for awareness on Gospel and education issues.
4. Educational assistance to students provided: The poor community disadvantage students receive educational materials such as Tex books, note books, pencil, eraser, school bag, school dress to ensure their educational needs in the project areas. The educational materials will be distributed through help of poor students educators.
6. Sunday school / Bible class & Church Planting implemented: This output has some of activities that aims to increase the awareness level on Gospel through church planting, Sunday school, Bible class and prayer cell for parents, teachers, students, street family members and street community leaders who plays a vital role in the community to enhance relationship with Jesus Christ. VARD of Bangladesh will have Bible class, Prayer meeting through prayer cell and Sunday school for awareness on Spiritual issues. Community poor children received religious educational materials from VARD of Bangladesh. VARD of Bangladesh will be strengthened with Spiritual guidelines, developing religious curriculum, supplied Religious educational materials and stationery for the Community child and helping them participate actively to run the Gospel education program through those project.
7. Skill Development & Increased purchases capacity: This out put aims to ensure purchase capacity of disadvantage family. VARD of Bangladesh help the community peoples, who are could not able to get 3 miles in a day. VARD of Bangladesh development Program and start various Income Generation Activities to increase family income of street children family. VARD of Bangladesh development & arranges various skill training for poor community women & Youth Group members and provide small loan to start their IGA activities.

Way To Life Church of God
Pastor. Jagodish Karmokar

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