Kenya for Christ

by Pavel Rudoiskatel - Yerevan, Armenia

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Campaign Story


Hello everyone!
My name is Paul. I’m a Discipleship Training School student (YWAM).

About DTS
Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a school for the beginner missionaries. Here we know God more and make Him known everywhere where we are. Studying process includes education (3 months) and outreach trip (2 months). Here we get a right spiritual base about us, God, our destiny, etc. Going to outreach we have a purpose to share the Gospel and recieved knowledges with a nations.

About team
Our team made of 6 people.
Nick – leader of YWAM Rostov and leader of our team.
Elizabet – his wife and our content-maker
Eva – children minister
Olesya – medicine minister
Misha – housekeep minister
Paul – worship & teaching minister

Our tasks
Coming in Kenya we’ll go to Turkana desert. There we’ll live at the chicken farm. There are a lot of villages surround us. Therefore we’ll share the Gospel with people there.

Medicine ministry
Also we have a challenge with people on the Elgon mountain. They are suffering from worms under their skin. We are gonna serve them with medicine that is not available in this country. Now we are in Armenia where we have enough those medicines, and moreover it’s not expensive! But we need more medicines for people. It takes 2000$.

Teaching ministry
Talking with Guntars (permanent missionary in Kenya) we learned about local Christianity. We were shocked by this information, cause it mixed with voodoo practice. Even local pastors involved in that. Therefore our team is gonna teach 12 Kenyan bishops to show them right way. We’ll teach about
– Who is God?
– Who are we?
– What purpose of our life?
– What is a Grace?
– What is our destiny?
– What is a Heaven Kingdom?
– How we should to live now?
and etc.
We sure answers on this questions will make more strengthful a faith foundation of people. And in result we’ll see a changed life ones.
This school is gonna last three weeks. And the cost of it is 3000$.

Worship ministry
King David is a good example how we should praise and worship God. Therefore we’ll tell the people about it. And using their cultural context we’ll teach them how they can praise the Lord. We will singing, dancing and proclaming God’s Love and majesty.
This school takes 2000$.

Kids & teens ministry
During 2 months we live in a desert we gonna serve kids & teens.
– make a short-term camps for kids and teens
– help with building for orphans
It takes about 2000$.

Building a church
In spite of problems with christian teaching a lot of people in Kenya are going on to come to Christ. And now we have a challenge with church building. People must have a room with rooftop to gather together in a rain season. Now there is a dry season and we want to have time to build a church before rain season.
It costs 5000$.

Before we started a campaign in Kenya, local people have built for us a three houses. Every one of them costs 350$ (1000$). You can see them in video.IMG_9452

As we are Europeans we can’t eat a local food. Our residence there will be only for 2 months. It can make some difficulties for our stomachs. Therefore we’ll buy a familiar food.
It takes 3500$.


Additional expenses

As in any mission trip we can’t count everything. I know we’ll have a lot of trips by desert. It also takes money. We have a thoughts to serve people on a boarder with Ethiopia and probably Uganda. They need God, and their thurst is a reason for us to go there. These costs include housekeep needs also.
We need 1500$ for it.

On behalf of the whole team I want to thank you for your support and prayers. You are important to us. Let God will fill your every need by His generosity!
To learn more about our trip you can going over our telegram channels:

Thank you for attention!

Let God bless you

With love,