Save the San Rocco’s Chapel of San Rocco in Niella Tanaro, in italia

by San Rocco - Niella Tanaro, Italy

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Hello everyone,

The purpose of our association is to restore a 16th century church dedicated to Saint Roch, the protector saint against diseases and pandemics. This protective chapel is in danger, its foundations are seriously weakened, we have to restore it in order to perpetuate this heritage.


Our association raise funds since 2017 through various events occuring on August 16:

  • Italian Wine sale
  • Music concert
  • Painting exhibition
  • Wood carving exhibition

It is good to return to deep values, like faith and love of God. In times of trouble and illness, it is a Christian tradition to pray to protective saints such Saint Roch. This chapel dedicated to Saint Roch is built at the entrance of Niella Tanaro village, as a rampart against the epidemics

In addition, Saint Roch is also the protector of dogs and bread.

In the 1930s, bakers (who have emigrated to other countries) come back to Niella Tanaro in order to celebrate Saint Roch every year on August 16th.

We invite you to help us to preserve this historical and cultural heritage.