Touching hearts for Christ through writing

by Githui Gakuo - Nyeri, Central Kenya, Kenya

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Campaign Story

My name is Githui Gakuo from Kenya, East Africa. God has called me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through writing inspirational Christian books revealing biblical truth.

I don’t sell my books because those I’m reaching out to can’t afford a $1 book–I mostly target the forgotten poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged in communities.

I, instead, use whatever little savings I make from my small farming business to finance the printing and distribution of the books to readers who are yet to give their souls to Christ and those still growing in spirituality.

Sometimes I’m stuck and I call on my friends and well-wishers to help me fund the printing. Sometimes I’m lucky but other times it will take months for us to raise the required amounts.

My Vision
Friends, my lifelong vision and purpose is to teach and reveal biblical truth to the masses…

And in truth, there’s nothing that thrills my heart as seeing readers -who had previously lost hope in life- surrendering their lives to Christ through my message.

God has indeed blessed me mightily and I’m glad that I have made a massively positive impact in the day-to-day lives of hundreds of readers.

I’m extremely elated to see my ‘convertees’ live with the merciful blessings and gracious favor of our almighty and all-powerful God through Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior.

God Has Walked With Me This Far
Sure, dozens of pastors and reverends have often spoken glowingly about my booklets and my mission. But if you had told me at the start of my journey that my free Christian literature would have such a tremendous impact in a few short years, I’d probably have dismissed you as a false prophet.

However, the generous kindness of our God has walked with me all along and it’s him that has made his people find my 3 books (Effective Prayers, Choosing your Leaders, and God’s way) life changing.

But now I need you my friend and partner in Christ…

Why I Need Your Help
You see, my goal is to reach as many readers as possible through hard copies.

I know you might be wondering why I prefer hard copies in this era and age..

Well, to start with, I serve people in rural areas in Kenya where folks are unsure about where the next meal will come from meaning smartphones are rare devices here.

Secondly, one hard copy can be read by countless people when given to families or placed in places like hotel receptions and rooms, waiting lobbies, public libraries, churches, and more.

The Numbers
Here are the numbers so that you can have a clear picture of why I’m asking for assistance…

It costs me about $1.2 to print and distribute one book which translates to $1200 for every 1000 books.

Factor in that in Kenya, my main target area, the population of non-religious people is about 755,750 according to 2019 census.

Keeping in mind that I plan to reach all these with my books, printing and distribution would cost me about $906900, money which is beyond my income.

The other and way cheaper alternative is buying and installing printing equipment at my home- the total budget is just $50000 (machines and printing supplies).

Here is a summarized budget:

What Success Means To Me and You
If I succeed (which I hope to with your help/partnership), I will not only take the truth of God’s word to every non-believer in Kenya but also to other east African countries (Uganda and Tanzania) and eventually, the rest of Africa.

And you will have done what our Lord commanded us to do in Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”

Most importantly, you’ll have changed the life of someone who yearns to know more about the amazing ways of our Lord JESUS Christ but might never have had the opportunity to experience Christ because of their underprivileged background.

In short, you’ll have given fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Final Words
Friend and partner, Christ is calling you to help him reach those who are yet to find him and his mercies through my mission.

And because he gives us freely, you can demonstrate your gratitude by giving back to him freely too -Matthew 10: 8 says “Freely you have received. Freely give”.

Please donate toward this worthy cause so that others can savor the astonishing, loyal, and limitless love of God in Christ for us and the world.

Thank you and be blessed.

PS: View the eBook versions of the three books through the links below and share them with your friends.

·         How To Have Peace In Your Mind

·         Choosing your Leaders God’s Way

·         Effective Prayers

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  • Where to find my books

    Hello friend;
    Here are the links to my 3 books..
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    >Choosing your Leaders God's Way
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    Be blessed