On this website you can make donations to fund raising campains which were created and approved to be on the site. SanctisFundMe does not charge any commission for the service and, for selected methods of payments such as SEPA bank transfers in EUR no banking commissions are applicable either. The beneficiary can too withdraw funds free of any charge for selected methods of payment. The website supports various methods of payment such as Paypal and Credit Cards which however attract processing fees which we cannot avoid, therefore we encourage everyone to avoid these means of payments. Do not hesitate to contact us to identify the cheapest way to make donations in foreign or digital currencies, Paypal and Credit Cards are convenient and instantaneous but have associated costs which can constitute a significant percentage of the donation especially for small amounts.

Why do we offer the service free of charge?

SanctisFundMe is first and foremost a philantropic project. All those involved work pro-bono donating their time and skills for the project, there are no exceptions, this applies to the CEO as well as to interns. Our operating costs are kept at a minimum thanks to the free technical support and promotion services offered by our partner and sponsor Prime Consulting whose support has made this project possible.

What type of fund raising campaigns are allowed on the site?

The first test for each campaign is its social reach, or in the case of campaings in favour of individual in financial difficulty, we endeavour to establish the real state of financial distress of the proponent. We reserve the right to make any type of checks on the proponents of a campaign, in the hope of selecting only fund raisers worthy of your donation. We are fully aware that giving such guarantee is difficult, our promise is to put in all our effort to avoid any type of fraud and scandal which would damage not only ourselves but the whole solidarity ecosystem. We will work in close contact with local Parishes, members of each Church and the Vatican where applicable. Our checks don't take anything for granted and even if a proponent is registered as a not-for-profit organisation we might ask for balance sheets and evidence of their use of funds.

Every donor has the possibility to contact directly the proponent of a fund raising campaign, either to send a support message or to ask additional questions. After all it is your money and if you are not convinced you will be free to chose another campaign.