GoFundMe Build the wall: xenofobia and discrimation scandals

We live in a globalised world, never more than in today’s age we can witness how things that happen far away have a direct impact on our lives. Whether you live in the US or outside, the “GoFundMe Build the Wall” fundraising campaign is an interesting one to ponder upon.

The xenophobic mentality behind the campaign is self evident and we have seen a raise in xenofobia worldwide in recent years, corrupting our lives. It’s important to dwell and look into these episodes, such as the GoFundMe Build the wall campaign. It gives us the opportunity to understand what are the emotions that move people, the consequences of certain social phenomena and how to react when we are faced with them.

GoFundMe build the wall

What’s GoFundMe and what is the Build the Wall campaign.

Let’s follow the story in steps and let’s briefly remind everyone of what is GoFundMe and the Build the Wall campaign that appeared on the site. GofundMe is a US based crowdfunding platform launched in 2010 specialised in peer-to-peer crowdfunding campaigns. It has a zero-fee commissions structures, where any commission is voluntary, just like for SanctisFundMe.

The campaign GoFundMe Build the Wall was controversially initiated by Brian Koflage, an american war veteran, with the goal of supporting the construction of the wall between the United States and Mexico following the plans setout by president Trump.

The campaign GoFundMe for the wall ambitiously aimed at raising a billion dollars, 20% of the total budget. However it stopped rather short of the goal but still raised a staggering 20 million USD. The campaign initiator in accordance with GoFundMe has since decided to reimburse the donors.

Even if the campaign has not reached its goal, GoFundMe fo the wall, shows how a large number of Americans not only agreed with the Trump plan, but were even ready to finance it. This episode brings to light the severe problem of the xenophobic instinct that dwells in a pocket of american society. People that are ready to show their darker side at the first occasion.

The consequences of the GoFundMe for the wall campaign

Does the GofundMe Build the Wall campaign simply indicates that the crowdfunding platform accepts any kind of fundraiser? Even those that are somewhat less morally constructive and potentially socially damaging? No, it doesn’t, GoFundme Trump wall isn’t just that, it’s the tip of the iceberg.

GoFundMe build the wall, in fact, is not the first campaign to have raised an uproar. The famous crowdfunding platform has repeatedly been the center of various scandals. Most worryinngly, some of these scandals go beyond the problems highlighted by the GoFundMe Build the wall campaign. There have been cases of discrimination and especially discrimination against Christians holding traditional values.

The platform seems not to appreciate the campaigns promoted by Christians and several campaigns have been blocked. Not only that, the very terms and conditions of the site have been modified to make the process easier in the future. GoFundMe has been responsible for religious discrimination and has allowed the creation of xenophobic campaign such as the infamous GoFundMe Trump wall.

GoFundMe Build the wall: evil can cause the good to rise

We could quote a famous sentence by St Augustine: “God allows evil only so as to make something better result from it“. What happened with the GoFundMe Build the wall campaign, and with all the cases of religious discrimination that involved GoFundMe, has led to the creation of SanctisFundMe.

Over the years there was a trend searching for a GoFundMe alternative and more specifically a Christian alternative to GoFundMe, which didn’t exist thus far. SanctisFundMe not only addresses the issues discussed so far, but is also the first zero-fee structure Crowdfunding platform to allow campaigns benefiting organisations, foundations, religious organisations, charities and missions. And, we must stress again, all costs and commissions free.

SanctisFundMe, the Christian alternative to GoFundMe

SanctisFundMe is a no-profit association of volunteers that allows for donors to make charitable donations. It does not apply any type of commission. SanctisFundMe guarantees three fundamental advantages that make it different from other international platforms:

  • transparency;
  • convenience;
  • morality.

Zero commissions

Transparency arising from a zero commission structure, there are no costs applied by the platform to make a donation. But there is more that contributes to really making a difference. Just as GoFundMe accepts voluntary donations to fund the platform, SanctisFundMe has the same mechanism. However the funds thus raised converge in a fund used to cancel out transaction fees.

This is especially important for those campaigns promoted by missions in areas of the world, such as refugee camps, where the beneficiary may not have access to a bank account. The fund is therefore used to cover for the higher fees necessary to transfer the funds through money transfer services. Subject to the availability of funds, SanctisFundMe cancels out or mitigates these costs ensuring the beneficiary receives an amout equal to the donations, whenever possible.

When donating matters

There are many campaigns that arised at the time emergencies and need. Unfortunately in many circumstances, banking fees or in some cases platform fees reduce the amount received by the intended beneficiary. Over the years there have been numerous scandals worldwide highlighting how many online or offline fundraiser where mostly aimed at enriching the intermediaries.

For this reason we even questioned the acceptability of these fundraising systems. However, thanks to SanctisFundMe the connected problems are highly mitigated or totally eliminated as there are no platform fees and transaction fees are reimbursed subject to availability so that the entire sum can reach the beneficiary.

Chistian charitable deeds as foundation to SanctisFundMe’s mission

At the heart of SanctisFundMe, there is no business model, no mechanism to make money, but simply the values of Christian charity and almsgiving. Those values we learnt from Jesus himself “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you” (Luke 6:27). 

Love for your enemies isn’t just an empy sentence, but entails the ability to wish well for others in absolute truthfulness. For this reason on SanctisFundMe a campaign such as GoFundme Build the wall would never have been admitted. It is discriminatory and aims at creating division. Christian charity instead creates comunion and unity.

Two distinct worlds that reflect two separate perspectives on how to manage fundraising campaigns. Christian charity is not just aimed at helping other Christians, but anyone in need. Regarless of creed, race, sexual orientation or geographic origin. On GoFundMe christian fundraisers have been shut and censored, highlighting that intolerance is not of Christian origin, but an ideological mistake.

When Jesus orders us to love our enemies does not contemplate that someone may be an obstruction to someone trying to do a good act. A good act is always positive, there is no political party, race or anything that should prevail. A very deep difference that has been overthrown by the media who often depict Christians as those who discriminate when in fact they are those who are discriminated.

The case of GoFundMe Build the wall is just an example of how public perception is distorted and accepts xenophobia and discrimination.

GoFundMe build the wall: the loss of faith

What we highlighted thus far on the infamous case of the GoFundMe Build the wall campaign goes to show that we are witnessing a loss of faith in our society. To think that self proclaiming Christians or religious people in general could be in favour or campaigns such as GoFundMe Build the wall can only leave us speechless and full of doubts.

It is difficult to identify the root cause, the responsibilities and perspective of a huge problem, with many implications, but neither can we ignore the reality. Faith today is almost an accessory to people’s lives that do without believing in God and asking themselves questions about eternal life, but who cannot do without their smartphones and social lives.

This is not intended to be a judgment on people’s actions, but the taking stock of how mass communication transfers these messages. For this reason we can’t be surprised if today, in new generations too, a negative message such as GoFundMe Build the wall could be backed and shared.

Christian faith against the hatred behind GoFundMe for the wall

Christian faith therefore, with its precious treasure of morality, has been emptied rather than contrasted or contradicted. It has not been a frontal battle, but it has been nonetheless a lost battle, that involved the loss of faith in our society. Without those values anything becomes admissible, even GoFundMe Build the wall, hatred, discrimination and the closure of Christian fundraising campaigns.

Today we have to roll our sleeves, more so than ever, rather than complaining. Those who still have faith must be responsible and never swap it for consensus. Faith must never be exploited for a political gain. Faith must not be renounced in the name of an unlikely “greater good” that history is showing, has never materialised.

Faith must return at the center of the lives of people, and reflect on the social life of each. To be a believer is never a private matter; being coherent with one’s creed goes also through one’s public actions. How could you call yourself a Christian and make a donation to a campaign such as GoFundMe for the wall?

Faith isn’t just a sentiment, something to find solace in when things don’t turn out how we wanted or to abide to social standards. Being Christian means being convinces and conscious of the immense revolutionary consequences of what happened two thousand years ago and which has held true till today.

The xenophobic drift we witness in campaigns such as GoFundMe for the wall shows how we are left powerless to avoid it. This drift finds deep foundations in the loss of faith that the entire world has been progressively going through.

GoFundMe for the wall, SanctisFundMe for Christian values worldwide

Therefore, with our faith intact and preserved, we must distinguish between good and evil. SanctisFundme is a platform that permits the spread of positive Christian values in the world. Christians, in fact, are not untouched my the mundane, but can live those situations through the light of their faith. A perspective that cannot possibly accept campaigns of hatred such as GoFundMe Build the wall and proposes a valid alternative, convincing and winning.

It is not sufficient to criticise something to condemn it, even though that’s what we often do, but we must also find alternatives. Otherwise the battle is lost before it is even fought. In this case a Christian alternative to GoFundMe is needed to stop the discrimination and xenophobia and to assist those in need of help.

SanctisFundMe on the international stage

It doesn’t matter how close or far geographically you were from the facts that surrounded the GoFundMe Build the wall campaign, the episode has significance to each and everyone of us. Racist or xenophobic drifts are present in every country. If there isn’t a consciousness and the will to contrast them, their rise could be rapid and difficult to stop.

This is the reason why we are called to rise to consciousness of such episodes, without ignoring them or underestimate their significance. We must at al cost refute intolerance in each and every way it manifests itself. The rejection must not just be verbal, but followed up by our actions, accepting no compromise with such negative ideologies.

There is a personal and a social responsibility that goes through attentiveness and education. Paying attention to what happens around us, the choices of our politicians, communication channels and our institutions. Nothing happens by chance, it builds up over time, and it is our duty to intervene as early as possible avoiding the pitfalls and the traps that we will find increasingly difficult to distance ourselves from.

The is the responsibility to educate, it applies to all, parents, teachers and professionals. Education translates in giving hope for a better tomorrow, a future more just. It is in transmitting to new generations the values that has made us free and capable of helping others that we win the battle.

The suffering of the multitudes is often the result of the arrogance and avidity of a minority. It is not for a better world that campaigns such as GoFundMe Build the wall come to light. A better world is one where this discussion and this articles would have no reason to exist and GoFundMe Build the wall would not have existed.

Today it is so, we witness such episodes, but it does not need to be so in the future. With the help of everyone, the support of each of us we can make a difference. We can be virtuous in raising funds for good deeds through SanctisFundMe and send a positive message to those that will follow us in our footsteps, for a better and just world where acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance are at the basis of our daily lives rather than exceptions that we must always implore for.

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