How it works

Let us learn solidarity

“Let us learn solidarity.
Without solidarity, our faith is dead.”

@Pontifex_en  – Pope Fancis

What can you do on SanctisFundMe?


You can donate choosing amongst the active campaigns on the site. There are no commissions from our part. Our service is free. We cover the banking fees for donations.


You can create a fund raising campaign for yourself or for a charitable cause or for a third party. Members of the community can contact proponents of a campaign to ask further questions. Once you created a fund raising campaign, you have access to your donations whenever you wish, whilst the fund raising is taking place. There is no time limit either, nor a deadline or a minimum target. Whatever amount your raise is yours and you can decide to withdraw it free of charge (for selected means of payments), use it to support other campaigns on the site if you raised more than you need, or you raised a small amount which is not worth withdrawing.