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St Jerome Catholic Orphanages Foundation

Saint Jerome Catholic Outreach Orphanages Foundation and Street Children Ministry Fundraising For The Unforgotten Orphans and Self-Carers kids Voice Of West Africa is Calling! I wanted to appeal with you, to ask how you can help us in in our situation.

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How does SanctisFundMe work?


Discover all our fund raising campaigns and chose the cause you wish to support with a SECURE DONATION which won't be subject to any commission. We cover the banking costs for your donation so that 100% of your gift may reach the beneficiary of the fundraising campaign.


Register on the site to CREATE A CAMPAIGN, it is totally fee, fast and requires just a few clicks. You can raise funds for a situation of financial difficulty or projects promoted by any type of entity but for only for socially oriented causes. Unlike other platforms, fundraising is open to INDIVIDUALS and ORGANISATIONS alike.

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Unlike other platforms, raising funds is completely FREE. We cover banking commissions for incoming payments. Payouts are also COMMISSION FREE for selected means of withdrawal. We cover these costs through the donations we receive. For this reason we need your support, to keep this service free for those who need it most.

Why choose SanctisFundMe

Fully traceable donation process for donors and beneficiaries.


for its philantropic and charitable mission by the Catholic Church and Christian Community.


zero costs to users, zero banking commissions for selected methods of payment and withdrawal.


transparent, simple, no hidden costs, not-for-profit, serving the community.


Together, we can make the difference

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.

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You create your own campaigns, that can be personal, or for a third party. You can be the beneficiary of your own campaign as well as donate to someone else’s campaign, we are all a community and this is the sense of solidarity, helping one another according to our present possibilities.

One day we may be in a position to donate, on another occasion we may need help ourselves.

We are here to help!

SanctisFundMe’s mission is to be a tool for the community, belonging to the community. For this reason the beneficiaries of the fund raising campaigns can often be yourselves.

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Your generosity makes our work possible. Browse fundraising campaigns and make a donation.

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Start a campaign for yourself or in support of a cause of mission that is close to your heart.

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Make a donation to support this project and keep it free for those needing it most.

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You can chose to support SANCTISFUNDME, we need your help to continue offering our services for free.

A small donation can go a long way as we all work pro-bono but you can help us cover our basic running costs. 

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