There are many ways to pray, SanctisFundMe lets you light a virtual candle for a Saint, for example asking for protection for your children, nephews or in special occasion like a school exam, a wedding, a moment of difficolty or for a loved one that has fallen ill and for whom you want to ask for the intercession of the Saint dearest to you, or the one best indicated for the specific cause.

Your prayer can be dedicated to a beloved person and shared with them to make you gesture even more meaningful thus renewing the feeling of hope and faith that we all need, especially during difficult times.

It is a simple gesture that you may chose to do when modern life does not leave you the time to visit your Church, o perhaps because you suffer from mobility problems and you wish to live your faith from home, from your pc, tablet or phone. SanctisFundMe only gives you an additional tool, but the way you live your Faith remains a matter private to you whereby each choses the way to pray that most foster his or her proximity to God.

The amount that you donate when you light a virtual candle is entirely dedicate in helping SanctisFundMe's community, without commission or amount deducted, hence your gesture will be twice as meaningful, whilst you ask for the intercession of a Saint to help you with your situation you will, at the same time, be doing an act of solidarity and charity that can only strengthen you communion with God. Giving, in many respects, is equivalent to loving God.

Each candle you light or donation you make whilst logged in will remain in the history of your personal area for full traceability.

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