Raise funds

SanctisFundMe's mission is to be a tool for the community, belonging to the community. For this reason the beneficiaries of the fund raising campaigns can often be yourselves.

You create your own campaigns, that can be personal, or for a third party. You can be the beneficiary of your own campaign as well as donate to someone else's campaign, we are all a community and this is the sense of solidarity, helping one another according to our present possibilities. One day we may be in a position to donate, on another occasion we may need help ourselves.

Creating a fund raising campaign is simple and quick, you should speciy a goal or target you wish to reach, for example €1000 to restore the glass window of you Parish (or whatever your fund raising campaign is about), and provide a description and a photo. Once you created your campaign you can share it with friends and relatives or those attending your Parish i the example above.


  • Zero commissions for donor and beneficiaries*

* for selected means of payment such as SEPA bank transfer.
Please refer to our commissions page and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the best way to transfer your fiat or digital funds.

How to create your fund raising campaign

From your personal area or from the menu Raise Funds select Create fund raising campaign. You can create a personal fund raising campaign to reach your personal goal, pay for unexpected medical bills, overcome a moment of difficulty, or to raise funds for a third party cause or person in need. Another example could simply be a fund raising campaign to fix the roof of the Church you attend or for a new set of shirts for the parish football team. 

Sanctis Community Fund

Amongst all campains you will find the Sanctis Community Fund, funds donated to this campaign are entirely spent for good deeds in favour of the SanctisFundMe members, these could range from prizes such as funds for pilgrimages, support of a specific or urgen campaign and other initiatives that will be identified withing the growing community of members keeping always in mind the concept of mutual solidarity.

What are you waiting for? Create today your own fund raising campaign today.

For any question or doubt do not hesitate to contact our on screen helpdesk or write to helpdesk@sanctisfundme.org